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Meet the Team

At Infinite Wellness Chiropractic we work together to make your chiropractic experience an excellent one! Meet our team and give us a call to get started on the care you deserve.

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Meet the Team at Infinite Wellness Chiropractic

Dawn, our Office Manager

Dawn | Office Manager

“Dawn always tries to make people feel at home,” says Dr. Cleland. “She’s super sweet, and works to make sure every person’s experience here at the office is a good one.”

Dawn has a knack for making people feel comfortable. And patients know if she doesn’t know the answer to a question, she will go find it and get back to them.

She works with folks to understand their insurance and create suitable financial arrangements with the goal of helping each patient to get the care they need without letting it stress them out. We understand that one of the main concerns for many people is cost, and we don’t want that to hinder the way you approach your health.

Meet the team at Infinite Wellness Chiropractic

Leslee, our Massage Therapist

Leslee | Massage Therapist

Our licensed massage therapist, Leslee, has earned a reputation as one of the best deep tissue massage therapists in the area. “She’s consistently praised by patients,” says Dr. Cleland. “And they are more than happy after she does work on them.”

Leslee especially enjoys working on athletes and other folks with specific concerns. She likes to target the care she provides, make sure they get their money’s worth, and to know that she has addressed their issues properly.