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What to Expect at Infinite Wellness Chiropractic

New Patient Forms

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Respecting Individual Needs

Now with digital X-ray capability on site, Infinite Wellness Chiropractic can offer first visit adjusting in some cases. Remember that each patient is different, but in general we try to respect that you want to get feeling better quickly, and we value your time.

Each new patient can expect:

  • A thorough chiropractic exam
  • X-rays, if needed
  • A check of your nervous system

We may recommend nutritional testing if your body is in a state of inflammation, or if other issues are present.

Your First Visit

Here are a few things you can do in advance of your appointment, to help it go smoothly:

  • Fill out the online paperwork as thoroughly as you possibly can (see box at right for the appropriate forms)
  • For chiropractic patients, you can submit your paperwork online and it will be read into our system automatically. For nutritional patients, please print and complete your forms and bring them with you to your first office visit.
  • Set aside 45 -60 minutes for your visit
  • Relax!
  • And don’t wait. If there’s an issue, get it addressed!

We do our very best to get patients in sooner rather than later, and we hope you won’t wait to call if you need to be seen.

Routine Visits

When you return for care, whether you are on a treatment plan as we address your issues, or you’ve decided to be proactive with wellness care, here’s what you can expect from our streamlined office:

  • Sign in on the iPad
  • Perform some short cervical and lumbar warm-up exercises
  • Grab an adjusting table
  • Get your adjustment
  • Receive muscle or soft tissue therapies, if necessary
  • Learn spinal rehab exercises

The average visit lasts 15-20 minutes, from the time you walk in the door until the time you leave.

Encouraging Wellness

We’d love to see all of our patients – and even the entire community – embrace preventive wellness care. But you can rest assured we don’t pressure anyone. We can’t drag you to office, and once you’re here, your health is still ultimately up to you.

If we feel that a long term care plan will benefit you, we’ll recommend it. You may not choose to follow our recommendations, and that’s your right.

Many of our patients keep visiting us because:

  • they feel great
  • they notice their immunity is becoming stronger
  • they’re visiting the medical doctor less and less
  • they have fewer health issues
  • they’re saving money on copay visits to other doctors
  • they’re saving time not being sick in general

Education is Key

Some of what we offer to promote healthy patients includes:

  • Monthly educational seminars
  • Nutrition classes
  • Total body makeovers

Stay tuned here for dates of upcoming seminars and classes. Or you can call the office any time to find out about events. We try to make attending our educational functions as easy and fun as possible. Some of the ways we help are:

  • Catering dinner at nutritional events
  • Providing free child care

Our hope in helping each patient be as educated as possible is that they would live the life God intended them to live. We believe that by providing as much information as they want, and by being here to provide care when they need it, that we help in that goal.

Call us to learn about upcoming events, or to schedule an appointment.